We have just created an exquisite new collection of cushion patterns based on our ongoing theme of stained glass designs adapted for needlepoint. 

We’ve already created stained glass wall art  and tote/hand bag motifs, inspired by two iconic architects and designers from the early 20th century….

Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  

And now we’ve turned our creative juices to develop four stained glass cushion patterns, also adapted from these same geniuses!............

Plus one dynamic Early Modernist stained glass design called ‘Prismatic Poppy’!

The luminosity of these fresh and vivid colours gives a truly stained glass effect!

This dynamic poppy design is the central focus with its striking palette of reds, oranges, gold and yellows…..

surrounded by a glowing rainbow of vivid colours, giving a truly prismatic stained-glass effect. 

This mid-20th century classic lounge chair, the Womb Chair, by architect and industrial designer Eero Saarinen, shares the same colour boldness and fluidity as ZIVA’s ‘Prismatic Poppy’ cushion design. 

Magnificient combination!  


adapted from Frank Lloyd Wright’s
stained glass windows!



The simple graphic shapes of these two cushion patterns, called ‘Prairie Perspective One and Two’, display Wright’s architectural sense of geometric order and spatial symmetry.  

They give a wonderful opportunity to use a range of different stitches!

Have a look at one of our Frank Lloyd Wright wall art tapestries ,’Autumn Sumac’  to see how a stained glass look can be achieved with various stitches and yarns. 

We have used the same natural colour palette for both cushions, using a range of blues and greens, accented with gold and rusty-red. We’ve added a soft range of greys and taupes to coordinate well into today’s interiors.

 What a dynamic duo!

Yes!....... it’s still a stained glass design adapted from Frank Lloyd Wright, called Prairie Primary’ but very reminiscent of Mondrian’ s geometric studies with its dominating primary colours of red, yellow and blue. 

Again we have modernized the range by adding more grey tones.

Two classics coming together!   

Architect Le Corbusier’s lounge chair and Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass design both were created around the same period in the 1920’s.  

Early Modernism that still works today!


We've just completed this dynamic cushion pattern ready to send out........ but first, I wanted you to see how we count and delineate each stitch!(image at right)

We want to make your stitching enjoyable!


You loved this Mackintosh motif as a tote/handbag so we thought we’d make it available to you as a cushion design!   

The evident fluidity and asymmetry of the Art Nouveau period in this design merges well with the curved abstract shapes evoking the characteristics of the early Modernist Movement.  

We have adapted several Mackintosh designs, from cushions to wall art for our site. Click on Ziva Site Search to have a look!


The background colours of soft wheat colours and grey, cream and rose, .....

a perfect backdrop to the range of reds and corals for the rose itself.

What an elegant  accent to this contemporary lounge chair! 

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