Abstractionist Art Movements from the early 20th century have inspired ZIVA’s modernist cushion designs.  

Their style influence is unmistakeable…… 

  • flat, graphic use of colour
  • lively semi-abstract patterns with simple vibrant colours
  • asymmetrical compositions


 These cushion designs recall the experimental and avant-garde trends that artists and textile designers created in the 1920’s and 1930’s…. and they still work today!



This modernist cushion design was inspired by a train….the Orient Express!  

The Venice-Simplon Orient Express was the archetypal train of the Art Deco era.

The 1920’s sleeping cars featured Lalique glass panels, Florentine upholstery and ornate Deco marquetry panels.


We adapted one of these decorative marquetry panels to create the cushion design “DECO MANGO”.

The sinuous elongated stylized leaves in soft greens and blue-greens surround the plump luscious mango fruit. Its exotic and graceful style typifies the era. 



Whether it accents a sleek contemporary sofa or a modern Art Deco-stylized chair like the one at right…

this glamorous design evokes the alluring mystery of exotic destinations. 



I'm just putting the finishing touches on this exquisite design before shipping it out.

I thought you would like to get an idea of its scale.

Remember, custom sizes are always available at ZIVA!




This Modernist cushion design displays sinuous silhouettes of warm grey leaves with strong fuchsia, blue and cool green accents.


Here we have a slight variation of the silhouettes motif by adding 2 black divisions to the design.

It gives a dynamic impression that you are looking at leaf reflections through window panes!

 Inspired by Matisse’s stained glass panels in his Vence Chapel in the South of France, this bold design makes a striking statement in today’s minimalist interiors!

Here we’ve created a softer approach to the motif, by removing the dividers.

The accent leaves are very reminiscent of Matisse’s Modernist cut-outs!


This dramatic design called 'Pines and Needles' was originally created as a wall hanging for our needlepoint art  Modernist Collection.


We reworked the design for a custom footstool ….and now we are offering it to you as a Modernist Art Cushion Design!

Its asymmetrical composition, created in a painterly style, displays a vibrant palette of flat colour blocks of golds, rusts, fresh greens and mustards.

This adaptation of an early 20th century Semi-Abstract stylized design, with its bold and dynamic composition, fits beautifully in this 21st century interior!


A celebration of summer and the luminous colours of “Morning Glories”!

In the same painterly modernist style we created for Needlepoint Art, these flowers and leaves display flat and abstract use of colour, and a free-form natural asymmetrical composition….

all the characteristics of Modernist Art Movement from the early 20th century!


This contemporary sleek settee (below) upholstered in deep purple velour, is reminiscent of the refined lines of Art Deco...

A perfect marriage with ZIVA’s modernist design “Morning Glories”, which was inspired by the styles from the same period.


In the photo, below right, I’m just completing the veins on the yellow and gold leaf.

The photo below left shows it completed, with a only few more details yet to go, then it's ready to be shipped!


An early 20th century design full of flowing textures… ideal inspiration for the inherent tactile nature of needlepoint.


Cascading ‘ribbons’ and delicate vertical striations give the impression of a gentle summer rain.


Its delicate colour palette, together with its graceful asymmetrical design allows it to fit comfortably on this classic lounge chair (above).


This rhythmic delicate design called 'Cascading Fuchsias' is full of flowing floral textures… ideal inspiration for the inherent tactile nature of needlepoint.


You can feel the energy of the original brush strokes as they display flat and abstract use of colour.


The surreal colours of the fuchsia flowers … soft mauves, turquoise and off-white accented with yellow…. are all dramatically outlined in a contemporary grey hue on a black background.


A graceful free-form natural composition from the early 20th century updated for today… a perfect complement for the soft curves of this contemporary sofa.


This jubilant and festive design adds just the right accent to this minimalist day bed! 

Its well-constructed Modernist composition of motion and colour is so effective that the multi-coloured “Chinese lanterns” appear to be haphazardly dancing in the wind! 





If you like these modernist cushion designs with their painterly style from the 1920”s and 1930’s…


you may also like similar styles in ZIVA’s  NEEDLEPOINT ART Collection from the same period.





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