This cushion design helps create a quiet corner for my client to escape to with her morning cup of coffee before her busy day begins!

With my suggestion, she put her existing 19th century daybed by a window in her dressing room and framed it with her antique lace curtains.

We decided that a group of decorative pillows, in colours of mauves and sage green, should be added to the daybed for a truly comfortable retreat!

She then asked me to develop a cushion design that would fit into this concept.

The rest was up to me!


To complement the period of the daybed with its rounded wood carving, I decided to create a design based on the late 19th century decorative arts movement known as ‘Art Nouveau’ with its soft naturally flowing lines and curves


I developed a stylized organic design based on several original Art Nouveau illustrations of narcissus.


The trumpet of each white narcissus in the central triangle is in a range of soft oranges and yellows.


I introduced one yellow flower to break up the over-all symmetry of the design and also to create a more natural look. Sage green and mauve colours were incorporated in the leaves and background



I split and reversed the same design, in muted mauve and green colours on a dramatic black background, to make up inverted triangular side panels for the needlepoint cushion.


What a tranquil and inviting spot to escape to!




 But I wanted to try one more idea!

Why not add a matching bolster!  



The round ends of the bolster were perfect natural shapes to create stylized curved leaves and narcissus flowers in the Art Nouveau manner.


A charming and comfortable addition to the daybed!






The mauve background and narcissus leaves are the same colours as the needlepoint cushion. 


Each narcissus is a different colour to create a unique custom design for each end of the bolster



When making up the needlepoint cushion and bolster, enough fabric was purchased to also make several large decorative pillows in mauve and sage green to provide a complementary backdrop to the needlepoint tapestries.


These cushion designs have added the final touch in creating a beautiful, comfortable and quiet sanctuary that my client can call her own! 




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