What a difference a needlepoint belt can make to your wardrobe! 


It’s a simple way to create your own style, inexpensively. 

By buying or making tailored tops, pants or skirts in neutral colours, (black, navy, browns, or greys, for example), you can change your look with your accessories, whether it’s a scarf, a piece of unique jewellery, or a needlepoint belt.


I designed the 'Black Tulip' belt for a client who wears mainly greys and blacks, using unique accessories as accents to express her individuality.

I found a wonderful black and white illustration of an Art Nouveau picture frame which I reworked and adapted to create a modern belt.

Yes, an unusual source of inspiration!

This photo shows how the belt, positioned on the model’s hips, wraps comfortably around her body.

I particularly like how the natural shapes flatter the female form!



Notice how the belt becomes the main focus of her outfit. Adding a scarf, or a piece of jewellery, completes a very dramatic and individual style to a simple black top and pants.

I also suggested that she add a small silver curved-shape brooch to give it the final touch of glitz!


The needlepoint yarn colours were chosen meticulously to coordinate with my client's wardrobe:

  • The warm grey matches a pair of pants
  • The red-fuchsia matches one of her lovely scarves


The belt was lined in black, and a Velcro tab was added to make the fastening simple and not bulky.

 The 'Loop' Edge Stitch was used in the same colours of needlepoint yarn to stitch around the edges of the needlepoint belt for protection against wear.  


As you can see from this photo, the free flowing design of black and purple leaves continues around the back of the belt.




This needlepoint belt design has been so successful that I’m now going to develop another colour scheme to fit into my own wardrobe!

Needlepoint can certainly add another dimension in accessorizing your wardrobe!

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