Table runners add a wonderful unique touch to your home…

 no matter the season!

I’ve created these designs so you can use them on your dining table, coffee table or serving table to add an individual touch to your décor… whether it’s for the holiday season, or for a special occasion during the rest of the year.

They can sit on the table or be draped over the table edge. Your choice!



The time when you can decorate to the hilt! Table runners are ideal for the festive season!


Chestnuts ….a classic symbol for the holiday season.


This elegant Art Nouveau design of chestnut leaves and chestnuts can be stitched in gold metallic or satin thread to create an effect that will shimmer in the candle light.



The background colour can be any colour you want to blend into your holiday décor. 





What’s the holiday season without decorating with pine cones?

You can stitch this ‘Pine Cones’ design to create a stylish table runner in a variety of color choices, depending on your other holiday decorations.

The centre design above shows red and green pine cones with gold striated Art Nouveau garlands on a white background. A beautiful accent on a white linen or satin table runner.

The other two color schemes show the pine cones and garland motif in gold and silver with a red or green background. Your choice.

Like the Golden Chestnuts, you can drape the Pine Cones Runner design over the edge of the table or sit it on the table, depending on the length of table runner you want.




This simple repetitive design of stars, Christmas balls and holly, is ideal for adding an end border to your favourite table cloth, as shown in the photo at left.


Perfect for casual brunches or buffets over the holiday season!



With 4”(10 cm.) squares in a 15” (37.5 cm) pattern repeat , you can also run this ‘Deck the Halls’ border design along the length of a table runner, to suit the size of your table.




But why not use these same designs the rest of the year?

I want to show you, by changing the colors of these classic designs how well they work for other special occasions.



I’ve taken the same Pine Cones design, and developed a contemporary color scheme of white, black and a range of taupes.

What a difference that makes!

It beautifully adds a decorative touch to this dining room without being too ‘fussy’.


You can drape the table runner over the edge of the table as shown above, or…….

You can shorten the table runner and place the Pine Cone tapestry directly on the table, as shown at left.

In both cases, the design shown could be stitched with a Loop Edge Stitch on the edges to create a sculptural effect.


And what about using the elegant Golden Chestnuts design for the rest of the year?

I’ve given it a classic black background which gives the golden chestnut motif an amazing dramatic effect.

Perfect for today’s contemporary interiors.


Do you want a Custom Color or Design for your needlepoint table runner?

Go to the Terms and Conditions page to learn more about Custom Colors and Designs available from ZIVA






NOTE: ZIVA is providing the hand-painted needlepoint canvas for the ends of your table runner only.  

Your fabric choice for the making up the rest of table runner depends on where and when you are going to use it. 

For example, silk or satin or brocade would work well as table runners for the holiday season.

For the table runners designed for the rest of the year, you may want to use cotton, or linen or light-weight wool, for a more tailored look.



Do food and wine get spilled on your table cloths or table runners? They certainly do on mine!

So I suggest that the best way to make up these tapestries is to make sure they can be removed from the actual fabric table cloth or table runner.

By means of applying a Velcro strip or strips to the back of the tapestry, the needlepoint tapestry can be removed before the fabric is washed or dry-cleaned. Hand basting is also an option.

A making up diagram is provided in your ZIVA kit to show you how to finish the table runner.


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