At the turn of the 20th century, Charles Rennie Mackintosh became known as the ‘pioneer’ of the Modernist Movement.

This new philosophy, concerned with creating functional and practical design, was emerging throughout Europe.

The main concept of the Modernist movement was to develop innovative ideas and new technology: designs concerned with the present and the future, rather than with history and tradition.


In addition to his architectural projects, Mackintosh also worked in interior design,furniture, metalwork and textiles.

Much of his textile work combines Mackintosh's own designs with those of his wife, Margaret McDonald, whose flowing, fluid style complemented his more formal, rectilinear work.

It's his textile designs between 1915 and 1923 that have inspired three new cushion designs I’ve created for ZIVA.

We have also adapted one of Mackintosh's  stained glass motifs into a textile design for NEEDLEPOINT ART!


This large lively cushion design, ‘ZigZags’, originated from an ink and watercolour sketch for a fabric design by Mackintosh.

This is very typical of his abstract designs which consisted of mainly simple stripes, lozenges and diamonds in geometric grids, and waves, spirals or zigzags.


He added bold colours to his abstract and geometric shapes, with consistent use of black to produce dramatic contrast, characteristic of much of the design of the Jazz Age.

In addition to the original black and ochre colours, I added a range of contemporary colours that will complement today’s interiors…

orange, red-orange and blue-purple in the zigzags,

and a series of red-purples, purples and blues on the small, repetitive oval shapes.
A dramatic accent to your home!

An early 20th century textile design from Mackintosh adapted for 21st century interiors!


We have adapted one of Mackintosh’s pencil and watercolour sketches for a textile motif to create this dynamic, bold cushion design… Mackintosh Spirals’.  

Natural forms of stems and tendrils have been stylized to the point where they almost lose their organic origins and can be seen quite simply as abstract patterns.

The use of a dynamic geometric grid in a range of taupes, grey-blue and grey-purple contrasts handsomely with the organic red-orange and purple spirals.

What a striking combination!

ZIVA’s cushion design, adapted from a Mackintosh sketch from the early 1920’s, sits dramatically on the Heart Chair by Vernor Panton designed in the 1950’s!

Both classic examples of their time and they still work well today…

proof that good design endures!



From zigzags to a rhythmic design, called ‘Waves’ …inspired by a pencil and watercolour drawing for a furniture fabric by Mackintosh.

Vivid colour waves of fuschia and cornflower blue, are set against colour stripes of light grey, custard yellow, wheat and charcoal.


A large modern cushion design based on the Mackintosh’s abstract design from almost 100 years ago.


It works extremely well on this neutral contemporary sofa!

Thanks to the genius of CHARLES RENNIE MACKINTOSH!

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