A needlepoint cushion design that almost created itself!

My client’s home is nestled in a massive wooded property where she proudly tends her garden daily no matter the season or weather.

Living in the south of France, she has decorated her home in the warm, rich colours of Provence.

The rooms are draped and upholstered in reds, oranges, burgundies, golden yellows and blues.

Like her, the atmosphere is extraordinarily lively, animated and welcoming.

When she asked me to create a needlepoint cushion for her home, the design was obvious!



Because her French home dates from the late 19th century, I decided that the French style from that period, Art Nouveau, would work well for the design.

Also, its natural organic shapes are an ideal complement to my client’s love of nature.



I created a lively design of a very graphic gnarly woodland crowned with a range of autumnal leaf colours of reds and oranges.


I incorporated an Art Nouveau detail throughout, called cloisonné, which outlines the design in turquoise and yellow.

I added an organic free-flowing border in red-orange and turquoise.






In this photo, you can see how well the cushion with its bold colours works with the existing gold sofa, red cushions and patterned drapes.

 A dark blue cotton fabric was chosen for the backing, which matches the blue yarn in the tapestry.

The same fabric was used as a wide flange to 'frame' the needlework... the finishing touch!


This needlepoint accent pillow beautifully complements
the lively colour scheme of her home...

and also, from her window, the stunning sylvan garden.



I thought of this cushion design recently, as I was looking at the beautiful fresh colours of spring in my garden.

Light, clear cool and warm greens are contrasted by black tree trunks and branches ...all blended with the soft mauves and lavender colours of hyacinths, irises and lilacs.

Why not create the SILVA design with these spring colours?

So I applied this palette of spring colours to create the SILVA SPRING cushion!

The colours of the undulating leaves range from warm and cool greens, to turquoises and blue-greens.

I selected a light soft range of yellow-greens, blue-greens and mauves for the spaces between the black tree branches, to give the feeling of a stained glass window.

The final touch was to add a rich iris-purple colour to the free-flowing border.

The result…a very refreshing colour combination that works extremely well with the neutral colours of a contemporary interior, as shown in the graphic photo above.

What a wonderful complement to the autumn colours of the original SILVA cushion design!


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