I used the GOBELIN STITCH to create rich, shimmering details for this free table runner border design, ‘MISTLETOE’ ’. It was designed and stitched exclusively for my seventh VIVA ZIVA ! Newsletter #1007.

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The photo above shows the sumptuous effect created by the Gobelin’s long satiny stitches!

Where did this stitch get its name?

The Gobelin Stitch derives its name from the most detailed and exquisite tapestries in the world produced exclusively at the Gobelin Factory in Paris for royal palaces for hundreds of years.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth century, the Gobelin Factory produced magnificent and luxurious wall hangings, upholstery, and furniture in a richly ornate style.

Parts of the mistletoe motif are worked in the 2 types of Gobelin Stitches, which give the effect of woven tapestry:

Straight Gobelin for the border, with some variation in length, creates a natural effect of a branch surrounding the mistletoe.

Sloping Gobelin, with its long angled stitches for the mistletoe leaves, elegantly follows the natural shape of the leaves, and creates a lovely shimmer with the satin yarn.


The rest of the tapestry, including the mistletoe branches and berries in satin yarn,is stitched in the Basketweave Tent stitch.


I combined the long, smooth Gobelin Stitch with a gold colour satin yarn to give a shimmering effect to the tapestry… perfect to reflect the coloured lights of the festive season!

As shown in the photo at right, this flowing Art Nouveau design of mistletoe leaves, stems and berries, makes up a table runner end border of approx. 17.5” (44 cm).

But you could make it longer!

With a design repeat of approx. 12” (30cm), it can also be repeated to create a border the full length of your table runner to suit the dimensions of your table.

What about colour choices?

I chose a deep red wool yarn as the background to contrast the mat finish of the wool with the golden sheen of the satin yarn for the leaves, stems and berries. This combination gives a wonderful feeling of depth to the tapestry.

The deep red suited the rest of my holiday decorations, but you could use brighter red wool yarn for the background if you want a more vivid effect (as shown in photo).

The background could also be in a satin yarn in red, to create a totally luxurious brocade effect. Your choice.

I’ll give you these alternative yarn colours in the newsletter.


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