The Milanese stitch creates the perfect 30’s style for my free jewellery box insert design, ‘MILANESE MODERNE’ .

It was designed and stitched exclusively for my ELEVENTH VIVA ZIVA ! Newsletter #1211.

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My daughter recently inherited some lovely pieces of jewellery from her grandmother.
This elegant jewellery box for storing these cherished pieces is an ideal birthday gift!

To give it a unique touch, I found a wonderful site which shows several boxes for jewellery and other items which are specially designed to insert your needlepoint tapestry.

It’s called  Sudberry House. They feature fine wood accessories particularly for needlework. Have a look!

I created a 5” square geometrical design with the Milanese Stitch . I then selected a black square box (‘Betsy Box’) which has a 1930’s look to complement it. They were made for each other!

You also can see in the photo that I stitched her initial ‘H’ in the centre of the design.

If you want to make up this free design, I’ll create a chart for your initial of choice, just contact me. My pleasure!


This stitch is so easy to learn!

Once the first row of triangles is stitched in a diagonal band, the rest just falls into place!

The result? A dynamic geometrical design with a chic thirties’ flavour!

The colours I chose?

To add to this ‘moderne’ look, I chose a range of warm greys, and gradated them from black on the outside to light grey in the centre to give a three-dimensional feeling to the design.

A soft wheat colour was added as an accent colour to fit into my daughter’s room décor. It also complements the 30’s look I wanted to create.

Your colours?

You could change the wheat colour to any accent colour to suit your décor.

What about changing the black and greys to a range of browns or taupe colours? Be creative, and make it your own!

What size?

You can change the size to fit other square boxes! Following this design, create a diagonal row of the Milanese stitch longer or shorter, then add a border to make up the insert size to fit another square box you like.

Full instructions and charts on how to stitch this ‘Milanese Moderne’ design, are included in the next VIVA ZIVA! Newsletter.


What’s in the Newsletter:

  • A chart and instructions on how to do the MILANESE STITCH
  • Needlepoint chart of the ‘MILANESE MODERNE ’ jewellery box insert design.
  • A list of readily available yarn colours and the size and type of canvas to purchase.

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