These Arts and Crafts cushion designs from ZIVA were inspired by well-known British designers from the ARTS and CRAFTS MOVEMENTnamely, William Morris, Gavin Morton and C.F.A. Voysey.

We have created two matching cushion designs to complement our Arts and Crafts Area Rugs,

PLUS we are introducing a cushion design adapted from a series of textile and carpet designs by iconic British architect and designer, Charles F.A. Voysey.

Arts and Crafts designers created not just a style, but arguably THE style of 20th century decorative art.

There were many influences that came together to create what came to be known as the “Aesthetic Style”.

  • the sinuous contours of Art Nouveau
  • stylised flowers and plants as seen in Persian ornament
  • allegories from the Bible and literature
  • Celtic motifs
  • the pared-down quality of Japanese art
  • the desire to recapture the pure design of the past, strip away artifice and return to simple hand-made craftsmanship

The Arts and Crafts Movement played a role in the founding of Bauhaus and Modernism.


DONNEMARA FALL’ Cushion Design


Early 20th century design has been adapted to elegantly blend with early 21st century furniture!





This tasteful ‘Donnemara Fall’ cushion design has been reworked from Voysey’s original signature Donegal Carpets design Donnemara’, which has been produced in many colour ways over the years.

We have also made some colour changes by slightly updating the ‘Donnemara’s colour palette to suit today’s interior colour schemes.

Like all of C.F.A. Voysey's designs, nature is a point of inspiration, in this instance with roses and a central tulip;but botanical accuracy is not as important as the creation of pattern, rhythm and the overall composition.

He had a gifted skill in creating overall stylised flat patterns, accentuating the outline, eliminating shading, and minimizing detail, without losing the design’s rhythm and movement.




Cushion Design

The British version of Art Nouveau drew on British craft traditions, and on the driving force of one man in particular, William Morris, craftsman, designer and overall Victorian visionary.

His Arts and Crafts carpets from the late 19th century are masterpieces in the juxtaposition of colours and in the creation of free flowing organic shapes and elegant proportions.

In the majority of his carpet designs, he introduced a narrow inner border with a ‘barber shop pole” striped pattern, which sat between the central motif and outside border.

We have used this same motif as the outer border of the ‘MORRIS MINEUR’Cushion Design (above).

The natural rhythmic silhouette of sinuous flowers, branches and leaves in this design creates a delicate effect.

The soft yellow irises are surrounded by curved branches in pale terra cotta and peach tones, offset by gentle blue and grey leaves.


Have a look at this same exquisite design adapted for the Morris Piano Bench Seat Cover.




MORTON DONEGAL’ Cushion Design

In 1898 Morton & Co founded a hand woven rug factory in County Donegal, Ireland. This was to become the well-known Donegal Carpet Company, employing the very best and most fashionable designers of the day, including C.F.A Voysey.


The vibrant red field of this design complements the bold Turkish-inspired geometric trellis design of multi-coloured hooked palmettes, and angular vinery… with one central graphic flower motif in a delicate grey-blue.

A dynamic accent to spruce up this traditional lounge chair and footstool!



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