This free needlepoint cell phone case design,'HOT LINKS, was created and stitched exclusively for my second VIVA ZIVA! newsletter #0902.

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Made up as a small belt bag, you can wear this vibrant cell phone case with so many summer outfits!

It works well on our model above, whether she’s wearing all black or all white!
Or as many summery colours you can think of in between!

Also when worn this way, it’s quick and easy to answer that important call without fumbling through your handbag!

Our model to the right shows how stunning it also looks with jeans!

If you don’t want to wear it as a belt bag, you can still make up this cell phone case to fit into your handbag.

Your choice!


The repetitive fluid curves of this colourful design are perfect for your next stitch to learn… the Bargello Stitch .

The long rhythmic Bargello stitch is used most effectively with a gradation of similar colours.
For example,

  • From dark to light (or from light to dark) of the same colour or
  • with colours in a similar range, such as yellow, yellow-orange, orange, etc.

Depending on the design, colours applied like this can create the illusion of three-dimensional waves, zigzags or patterns, which can be very dramatic.

And it’s not a difficult stitch to master!

The VIVA ZIVA! Newsletter includes easy to follow instructions and charts so you can practice the
Bargello stitch before you start stitching the case.

It also shows you the stitching in progress and suggestions for finishing the cell phone case.

This flowing design also has another great benefit!

In the last newsletter, you learned how to do the Basketweave stitch.
You will use it again with this design, but this time you will learn how to stitch it to create curves as well... a very important skill when stitching most needlepoint designs.

Click here if you want more instructions on the basketweave stitch.


I stitched this case with cotton yarns. Their dazzling palette is perfect for creating the bold gradated colours I wanted for the Bargello stitch.

The case has a sizzling range from acidic yellow and yellowy-greens, to vibrant oranges and hot fuchsias!
All contrasted by a bold white ‘link’ design down the centre. Sizzling summer colours!

And the Bargello stitch shows the hot colours off to their best!




The newsletter includes a list of readily available cotton yarn colours and the size and type of canvas to purchase in order to make this cell phone case as

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Take advantage of this free needlepoint design. Have fun stitching and wearing it!

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